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What is nature school?

The Finnish Society for Nature and Environment (FSNE) has a strong focus on environmental education, which is organized by four regional nature schools. Our nature schools provide outdoor education for kindergartens and schools. We come to you - meaning, the nature school day is arranged near your school or further away in an accessible learning environment. The various themed programmes we offer consist of one or several long or short nature school days. Additionally, we offer training in outdoor education for teachers.

Experience, explore, discover!

During a nature school day, children take part in education which is planned and adapted according to their age, the local environment and time of the year. Nature school days always take place outdoors.

A nature school day is all about experiencing and exploring nature with all senses, especially for younger children. Our goal is to create a play-based experience in a safe environment. Our programmes for older children have more emphasis on learning about species and ecology, as they observe and investigate nature themselves.

Why outdoors education?

Children have better opportunities to learn when theory is connected to practice. Outdoors education is an approach where experience, learning and the children's perception are in focus. During a nature school day, children are engaged, physically active and will remember what they learned with more ease, since the knowledge is anchored to tangible experiences.

Knowledge about nature and natural phenomena are best acquired in nature. Nature also has a calming effect on both children and adults.

Nature school days provide variation in education - a tangible and practical complement to textbooks! Source: Naturskoleföreningen Informations och inspirationsmaterial: Utomhuspedagogik -Starta Naturskola

What is a nature school day like?

At the nature school we teach through play, practice and by exploring. We experience the forests, fields and beaches and learn how to sustainably coexist with nature.

A nature school day offers many positive nature experiences and children gain new knowledge and knowhow to bring home!

How should you prepare for a day in nature, and how is the responsibility between the nature school and the groups own teachers divided? Here you can read more about division of responsibilities and preparations for a nature school day (in Swedish).

What do we offer?

We offer nature school days with various themes for schools and kindergartens, during all seasons of the year. Our themes are closely linked to the comprehensive school curriculum and the basis of early childhood education. Teaching takes place in the nearby environment of the school or kindergarten, or at a suitable recreational area upon agreement. Please dress according to the weather and feel free to bring lunch or breaktime snacks. If you have any inquiries about pricing, please contact the nature school in your region!

Are you arranging a camp and looking for an interesting and educational outdoor programme? Please contact one of our nature schools to discuss how we can be of service! Remember, we also offer training in outdoor education for teachers.

If you have any further questions about what we can do for you, do not hesitate to contact us!

Nature school networks

FSNEs nature schools are certified within the LYKE-network. Kvarkens naturskola, Naturskolan Uttern and Ålands naturskola are certified development centers, Åbolands naturskola is a certified activity center. The certification for a development center is the highest level of certification, and requires the activity to support and develop environmental education in multifaceted ways. Kvarkens naturskola, Naturskolan Uttern and Ålands naturskola are also members of Naturskoleföreningen.

Here can you read more about Natur och miljö in English!