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About us

The Finnish Society for Nature and Environment

The Finnish Society for Nature and Environment (FSNE), in Swedish Natur och Miljö, is a national environmental organisation. The organisation was founded in 1970. Today we have some 2300 members and local groups in 20 municipalities along the southern and western coast, including the Åland islands. This is the area where most of the Swedish speaking Finns live. The office is situated in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The amount of staff is about 15.

Our membership base concists of Swedish speaking Finns. We work in close co-operation with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) that operates mainly in Finnish.

The FSNE is a member of several international environmental organisations and networks including IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature and EEB European Environmental Bureau. We co-operate on a regular basis with NGO's in the Nordic countries.

As an environmental citizens’ organization (ECO) we bring nature caring people together. As a non-governmental organisation (NGO) we promote nature’s interest in environmental political issues. Apart from mainstream environmental organisations' acitivities such as

  • Campaigning and rising awareness about environmental issues
  • Participation in governmental committees and councils
  • Influencing the public opinion on environmental matters

we have a stong focus on

  • Environmental education

The Finnish Society for Nature and Environment established the first nature school in Finland 1986. Today we have four regional nature schools with a total of 7 employed outdoor education professionals. We provide environmental education services to kindergartens and schools. Some 10 000 kids participate every year in at least one nature school day. We also offer training in outdoor education for teachers and promote education for sustainable development in the policies of the Government and regional/ local authorities.

The FSNE publishes the quartely magazine Finlands Natur in Swedish. In addition to the printed version some articles are available for free online.

Current campaign themes

During our history of five decades the FSNE has been involved in a broad range of environmental issues, often being a front-runner, putting new urgent issues on the political agenda. We still work with a broad strategy, developing policies and recommendations in numerous fields of the environmental discourse. At present, however, we are focusing mainly on the following issues:

  • Sustainable agriculture and food policies.
  • Sustainable forestry.
  • Climate action.
  • The use of renewable energy for heating and electricity-production in single-family homes.
  • Species conservation, including the wolf (Canis lupus) and local populations of subspecies of cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo carbo)

International co-operation

We have experience of international projects operated with project-funding e.g. from the EU (Life, Leader) and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Please contact us, if you are looking for a Finnish project partner!

Our organisation structure

The decision-making structure is democratic and the organisation is party-politically independent. Our activities are financed by membership fees, governmental contributions and grants from private foundations.

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Contact information

Chairman of the board of FSNE: Ms Henna Björkqvist

Acting director of the FSNE: Ms Camilla Sederholm

Finnish Society for Nature and Environment
Annegatan 26
FIN- 00100 Helsinki

Phone: + 358 9 6122 290
E-mail: kansliet (at)